Saba AM-300

Increase Physical Performance - Build Lean Muscle

AM-300AM-300 is a unique blend of specialized herbs that is safe and effective, along with our scientific breakthrough that is absolutely revolutionary! Our formula helps to metabolize fat, proteins, and carbohydrates through thermogenesis (elevated body temperature). Because the thermogenic properties boost the body's metabolism, AM-300 can help you lose fat and gain muscle tone, especially with a regular diet and exercise.

Is There a Secret to Losing Weight?

Why do overweight or obese people continue to add more and more body fat over a period of years even though they diet? 

Why Do People Get Fat?

A common belief is that overeating is the primary cause of obesity. Stored fat is the result of more calories ingested than the bodies daily energy usage. Is it that simple? For some people, yes, but for millions of others, NO. There is also the inevitable problem of age. As you get older, your metabolism and thermogenesis begins to slow down and become less efficient.

Is Dieting the Answer?

Traditional diets usually generate weight loss from lean muscle tissue as well as fat. Dieting can slow the metabolism, which may actually increase the number of fat-storing enzymes. This hinders the body's ability to burn calories. Thus, an overweight body will favor fat production even when the diet is over. You lose ten pounds, only to gain back fifteen more.  Your body weight is primarily made up of muscle and fat. Lean muscle tissue is metabolically active, and burns calories. Fat tissue does not. Short term weight loss is most often the loss of water and lean tissue. Long term weight loss requires the shedding of unwanted stores of fat and building of lean muscle. 

Brown Fat vs White Fat

Brown adipose tissue (brown fat) is metabolically active. White adipose tissue (white fat) primarily stores calories. Dietary calories entering brown fat are not stored, but converted to heat (through thermogenesis) and burned off as energy. Adults have an increased storage of white fat, which contributes to increased body weight. Stimulating white fat to behave similarly to brown fat is essential to burn off the fat as energy. That's the job of AM-300. Increase the thermogenic burning of stored calories and resting metabolic rate to improve the delivery of fuel supplied from the meltdown of stored fat.

Leave Your Fat Behind!

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