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Prime OnePrime One is totally safe, proven, herbal formula that can deliver significant energy, superior vitality and maximum strength to you. This exclusive formula can not be duplicated by any other company in the world.

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AM-300AM-300 is a unique blend of specialized herbs that is safe and effective, along with our scientific breakthrough that is absolutely revolutionary! Our formula helps to metabolize fat, proteins, and carbohydrates through thermogenesis.

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Saba Prime One

The value and importance of nutrition is not new.

The Soviets started research in the 1940's in order to improve the performance of all of their athletes, military and other elite members of society. 

They spent over one billion dollars on research.

They produced over 3000 clinical studies on over 500,000 participants.

Over 45 years research by a team of 1200 biologists and physicians.

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Saba AM-300

Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine.

Increase Physical Performance.

Build Lean Muscle.

A unique blend of safe and effective specialized herbs.

Thermogenic properties boost the body's metabolism.

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